By Appointment Only

Cuts / Washes / Styles

Fringe Trim $25.00

Intermediate Trim (long hair only), Wash & Blow Dry $69.00

Senior Cut, Wash & Blow Dry $98.00

Intermediate Trim (after colour) $45.00

Senior Cut (after colour) $79.00

Men's Dry Cut $49.00

 Men's Cut, Wash & Blow Dry $59.00

Wash & Blow Dry w/ Junior $45.00

Wash & Blow Dry w/ Intermediate $55.00

Wash & Blow Dry w/ Senior $75.00

Soft Curls (on clean dry hair) $45.00

Braiding min $50.00 then $25 per 15 minutes after initial half an hour

Hair Up $89.00 then$25 per 15 minutes after initial hour


Toner & Blow Dry w/ Junior from $139.00

Toner & Blow Dry w/ Intermediate from $149.00

Toner & Blow Dry w/ Senior from $159.00

Bleach, Tone & Blow Dry from $189.00

Semi Root Fade w/ Olaplex from $170.00

Quickie on Roots from $69.00

Tint & Blow Dry from $129.00

Tint added around Foils from $109.00

1/2 Head Foils & Blow Dry from $159.00

3/4 Head Foils & Blow Dry from $179.00

Full Head Foils & Blow Dry from $215.00

Full Head Ombre & Blow Dry from $210.00

Extra product charges may apply

Luxury Treatments

The Essential (w/ colour or cut appointment) $39.00

The Intense (w/ colour appointment) $49.00

The Intense & Blow Dry from $79.00

The Energy (w/ colour appointment) $49.00

The Energy & Blow Dry from $99.00

The Bounce $49.00


Moisture Treatment w/ Colour or Cut appointment $35.00

Deep Cleanse Treatment & Blow Dry from $89.00
Olaplex Treatment (added to your appointment) from $59.00

Add Olaplex (around colour) $39.00

Add Olaplex (to colour) $29.00 per/mL

Aura Treatment

Express Treatment Short Hair from $25.00

Express Treatment Medium Hair from $30.00

Express Treatment Long Hair from $35.00

Full Treatment Short Hair from $280.00

Full Treatment Medium Hair from $350.00

Full Treatment Long Hair from $450.00

Extra Curly/Thick Short Hair from $350.00

Extra Curly/Thick Medium Hair from $420.00

Extra Curly/Thick Long Hair from $500.00

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Price on Request

Vixen and Luxe Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are such a personalised experience, that we ask that you please book in with Monica for a consultation. During this consultation, we will discuss the amount of hair extensions you will need, price, and the on-going upkeep that is required.


If you do decide to go ahead with the extensions, you will be required to pay a 50% deposit to book. The Initial Consultation fee of $25.00 will be taken off the cost of extensions, if you book the installation appointment that day.


The deposit may not be refundable if your appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of your appointment, or there may be a service/cancellation fee due to the admin costs of returning the extensions. 

The price of extensions varies depending on what is required. Please feel free to message Monica on our social media or via our "book now" button to book in for an initial consultation appointment. 

Tape Extensions

Due to the time and popularity of tape extensions, we will no longer be offering this service. We can, however, book you in for a consultation for the amazing Vixen & Luxe 

Extra Product from $10.00

This may apply for extra thick or long hair.