The Original Cloud Nine Iron is best suited to hair of ‘standard’ length and volume. If you have long/thick hair, or tight natural curls, the Wide Cloud Nine Iron would be best suited to you.

State-of-the-art temperature control technology and lightweight with cushioned plates. Smooth, flick, curl or straighten your hair at lower temperatures. And the added beauty of less heat? Less damage to your hair. What’s more, its unique black ceramic plates provide added shine every time you use them.


The Wide Irons - deal for long, thick hair, the award-winning Cloud Nine Wide Iron Hair Straighteners are perfect for straightening, curling or waving your locks. Their mineral-infused, curved, floating ceramic plates deliver perfect contact and heat distribution, while intelligent temperature control technology allows you to adjust heat from 100 degrees for kinder styling, up to 200 degrees for when only hot will suffice. Whatever the temperature, results are shiny and sleek. Complete with 360 degree swivel cord for styling freedom. Their smooth, innovative plates will never drag or catch your hair.

Cloud Nine Irons